Sudan School Building Initiative

In January 2011, ADCOR owner Shane Adsett embarked on an adventure that would become so much more than just a fishing trip. His destination: the second largest wetland on the Nile river, the Sudd. This little-known fisherman’s dream is located in Southern Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world. Besides being stricken with a fifty-year civil war, poverty, and famine, Southern Sudan is unfortunately also known to have some of the worst health indicators and education systems in the world. Due to the political unrest at the time of his journey, the Sudanese government required that Shane apply for a travel permit to enter the country. The government agent whom Shane dealt with in acquiring this permit posed a question that piqued compassion immediately: Would you be interested in assisting in the building of a school for orphans, child soldiers, and children with physical and/or developmental handicaps? Shane consented to participate in this humanitarian cause immediately.

In war-torn Southern Sudan land had been donated by the government for the purpose of building a school. Upon his arrival in Sudan, Shane surveyed the land; building plans, which have recently been completed, were commissioned shortly after his return to Ottawa. It has been determined that ADCOR will be providing supervision and project management for the building of the school. To fund this project, ADCOR will be collaborating with a charitable organization to arrange for a traditional Southern Sudanese musician to perform in Canada.

A fishing trip transformed into an admirable humanitarian mission; one does not hear of opportunities to give back to the world such as this every day. ADCOR is proud to be involved in the improvement of Southern Sudan’s education system and in brightening the futures of children in this struggling country.

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