Specializing in all aspects of renovating commercial and residential properties, ADCOR Construction Inc. has the experience necessary to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients, which continues to be our number one priority.

By working closely with our clients from the beginning of the renovation process to its completion, ADCOR Construction Inc. develops a rapport that allows those with whom we work assurance that the finished project will exceed their expectations. We involve clients in the construction process by assisting them in understanding and selecting products that best meet their needs. Our company’s goal is to build and maintain trusting relationships with our clientele by providing quality service, using superior materials, and keeping our prices reasonable.

ADCOR Construction Inc.’s emphasis on a collaborative solutions approach and client-centred focus has evolved over the past two decades of operation and growth, catapulting our company to the position of one of the most highly regarded in the industry. The high level of consultation that we offer throughout the renovation process encourages client input and guarantees that any questions or concerns that may arise will be answered clearly. This continuous involvement and ongoing collaboration with clients is what allows us to take our clients’ renovation dreams and transform them into reality.

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Written free estimate for any remodeling project

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There are no strings or obligations attached

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Offer very competitive rates and prices

Professional Service

Treat you like a partner, not just a customer

Quality Craftsmanship

Exceed the highest level of craftsmanship

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